Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ginger Chiffon Cake with Key Lime Curd and Lime Buttercream

August 23rd was my birthday. I had to decided to bake this cake to celebrate...along with drinking at the club the night before. This cake was a challenge. Major. I never did a chiffon cake and honestly was anxious to see how the texture was going to be. Unfortunately, I have never tasted a chiffon cake either. Therefore, I have no clue as to whether my cake successfully falls into this category.

So my birthday cake came from my book Sky High. Yes, I do intend to make most of the cakes in this delightful book. No matter how much work they take or how many days it takes me to do one cake. So far both cakes made have taken me two days each. I start some of the steps the night before and I usually do the frosting and assemble the next day.

My dilemma ~ I only had two 8 inch pans. I needed three. I had to use one out of my four 9 inch pans. So I am sure this affected the size drastically. But I was still quite pleased that it look somewhat symmetrical.

Okay don't look to close to the decorating. This was my first attempt with piping. And I don't even have proper piping equipment. In two lovely weeks I will be starting a decorating course! Yippee!! I am syked about it as I have put it off too long now. I found a great person who does wedding and specialty cakes to teach me for a great fee. I will blog about my experience and you will get to see my progress if there is any. Anyway, I didn't want to discuss this now..lets get back to the cake.


My hubby lighting the celebration cake before he broke out in song. It was a romantic moment.


If a chiffon cake is supposed to be sponging then I guess I got it. It is hard to describe the texture but it was not dry. The lime curd was good. I had issues with making the curd and have had issues in the past. Curd is something I need more practice with. The name curd doesn't turn me on in no way so I guess subconsciously when I am making it I am not loving it. But it did taste really good...surprise! the Lime Buttercream was limey, but no sweet or too tart. The ginger was grated but next time I will think I will mince it. Overall the flavors were good together.

Recipe can be found here ~ Amazon books online~

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