Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cake Decorating 1010101010101...

I am a horrible decorator and decided to tackle this one way. Have someone teach me the ins and outs of how to make my cakes look pretty. I can't even use a piping bag..seriously. Well, after tonight I can say that with more practice I will have piping bags everywhere begging for me to squeeze them!

I met Christine on Facebook. Saw her cakes and was amazed. She has a bakery called Not a Crumb! Exquisite Cakes located here in Georgia and her cakes look beautiful. She is a beautiful person that is passionate about her work and it shows. I have had 2 classes with her and have enjoyed them both. Sad that I only have 2 more left because she has a great positive attitude about her that makes me feel that I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

Last week I learned about the differences in gumpaste and fondant. Also learned about the colors of fondant and luster dust and other items that are used to decorate. Today she taught me to cover a cake with fondant. I was so intimidated by this process but I did it. I took pictures but I have not finish decorating the cake yet. When it is complete I will show my masterpiece!! We also learned how to make Italian Buttercream and her tips on the process had me floored. She really showed that experience is key to great knowledge. We used the buttercream to learn how to pipe roses!! This was fun. I have a long way to go to perfect the rose but this week I will be busy practicing!

Here is one..


Okay, so I was impressed.

My leaves although easier then roses, were not that great.


"Feed me Seymour!"...Kinda reminds you of Little Shop of Horrors huh?

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  1. awww its cute, give it some eyes and it will be a lil Cabbage Patch doll about to hatch!

    Angela Panama