Monday, September 14, 2009

Lemon Bars

Felt like something lemony and didn't feel like tackling my meringue wars. I saw some beautiful lemon bars on Milk and Honey's Blog. Printed the recipe and was anxious to try to make them. So last Sunday I went on Joy of and saw the lemon bars and printed that recipe and decided to make them. Totally forgetting that I wanted to try Milk and Honeys'. I actually didn't realize it until later that night when I was rummaging through some paper stack on my computer desk and came across the printed recipe that I had planned on making days before. I was annoyed. Not to say that Joy of Baking's was bad or anything..I just wanted to try hers. ::insert sulk face here::

Joy of Baking Lemon Bars were good. My lurvy hubby didn't care for the crust to much..I guess it was too soft but I liked it just fine. And the filling was good and tart!!


Okay one more picture for good measure.


These were good warm or chilled...

So, I have stashed aside Milk and Honey's recipe to try another day! You know what is eerie about my lemon tarts? They freakishly remind me of my failed lemon meringue..

You be the judge..


How horrendous is that!!!!???

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  1. Gosh there is so much out there to try! I just want to start baking up a storm in my kitchen right now! That pie looks so pretty! Thanks for the comment on my Dobos torta.. They arent kidding when they say bakers challenge but thats the fun part. Welcome to the club and have fun with it! : )