Monday, September 28, 2009

Stuffed Zucchini


From scoring a bunch of zucchini at a local farmers market I had to find something to do with it. I mean I could have just thrown it in the George Foreman or steamed it with some carrots and broccoli but I craved something different.

I baked a cake and still had more left. I knew I saw some interesting zucchini boats on a blog and decided that would be my meal of choice. Much to my surprise when I revisited the blog I saw that the zucchini boats were stuffed with a sausage mixture. That wouldn't do for my pescatarian hubby now would it? So, I had lentils in the cupboard. Okay, so I always have lentils in the cupboard. But, they would serve as my sausage! As I was making this I was thinking that I should have chopped and diced everything before I started sauteing. I was just so anxious to get them started that I jumped into the frying pan and had to cut vegetables as they were needed in the recipe. So nest time I will prepare myself better for the job! These were fun to make as I love to stuff food but I don't do much of it. I think I will try stuffing things more often.::giggle::

The blog I adapted this recipe from is Annie's Eats. The only thing I did differently is substitute the turkey with lentils. I also put parmesan cheese on top of the stuffed zucchini prior to placing in oven.


These are so good. Really good. If you want to try them with the lentils make sure you boil them first to get them to desired tenderness.

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