Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake Balls


So you have the balls? Of course...who don't? So, it was inevitable that I try this. I bake a lot of cake. I level cake and I score cake. When I did Frankie I had a ton of Devils Food Cake leftover. I usually shove them down hubby and my oldest son's throats...they happily oblige. But this time I told them not to touch as I had a plan.

I mean come on, Bakerella has made these once overlooked little puffs of cake into a fast growing trend.

Mine aren't as fancy. These were my first so I didn't go overboard. Just kept it simple. Scraps from Devils Food cake and about 2/3 cups of buttercream icing covered in melted semi~sweet chocolate. So next time you are in the cake neighborhood, go ahead and play some ball. Okay, cheesy. How about "grow some balls?" Oh forget it.

One tip...when I first started dipping my balls weren't cold enough. This caused them to get soft in the chocolate dipping bowl leading to a mess and me getting frustrated and eating melted mushy balls. I took a break and placed my undipped balls in the freezer for a couple of hours. I re~melted a fresh batch of chocolate and proceeded to dip and I had success!! Oh, another thing...when you melt chocolate in the microwave be sure it is in a glass bowl and you do it in minute intervals. I lost a batch of chocolate and a bowl and had a stinky burnt plastic smell in my kitchen for a few days. I know you know these things and so do I, but sometimes I tend to get that "It'll never happen to me attitude." I seriously need to check myself!




  1. Great idea! I actually have some extra cake right now that I can use for this. :)

  2. What a great idea for left over cake!