Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting


I was craving chocolate. Hubby wanted cake. I was tired and didn't feel like going to the store to get cocoa. Even though my favorite chocolate cake recipe doesn't have cocoa powder in it I wanted to try something new. I was going to do a pumpkin chocolate marble cake. But I didn't. I was so tired from being at Straits Restaurant the night before and drinking with some friends I really didn't want to be in the kitchen all day baking a cake. Plus I had a slight headache from the Pinot Grigio that I drank. I only had 2 days of drinking are seriously over.

I pulled out the Pumpkin Cake Recipe I made last week. I grabbed some chocolate chips, cream cheese and Semi-sweet Bakers Chocolate. I also pulled out the Bundt pan. I was in the mood to pour or drizzle icing, not plump and spread frosting.

I adapted my original recipe by adding 1 1/2 semi-sweet chocolate chips at the end of the mixing and prior to pouring in a greased and floured Bundt pan. I should have floured the chips first but truthfully was too lazy and didn't care if they had sunk to the bottom of the cake, cause in a Bundt the bottom is the top. Whoopee, who Hubby was going to get cake and I was going to satisfy my chocolate craving non-the-less. I baked the cake for 55 mins in a 350 degree oven.

While the cake was baking, I mixed 4 ounces of cream cheese in the mixer until fluffy and added 2 ounces of melted unsweetened chocolate. Next added 1/8 tsp salt and 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. I then gradually added 2 cups of Confectioners sugar and put in about 2 tbsp of evaporated milk. I added more and more milk a tsp at a time until the consistency of the frosting was thin enough for me to pour but thick enough for it to hug the cake.


Hubby was happy and so was I. Again, the pumpkin cake was so moist and rich. And to be hit with the patch of gooey chocolate chips at the top only to finish off with the chocolaty creamy cheese icing is so good!! I love this cake. Good things can come out of those who hung out too late the night before!!


  1. This looks fantastic! I like the drizzle over frosting! So much easier then spreading!

  2. THat looks so good! I've never tried pumpkin + chocolate before. Btw, I saw the chocolate chip cookie bars with pretzels and they look really interesting. Do the pretzels get soggy?

  3. @Steph..the pretzels stay nice and crunchy! And chocolate and pumpkin is my absolute fav. This cake sold me.
    @Stacie...I was so not in a mood to decorate or frost the bundt..but I didn't want the traditional light drizzle icing. I was in serious chocolate crave mood!!

  4. This looks great! Isn't the Bundt fantastic when you don't want to frost? Love the cream cheese with chocolate...nice! I'm going to link to this on my next post! - mary

  5. Mary...I love your blog!!!...Thanks so much for the compliment!!!

  6. I am not too fond of pumpkin/chocolate combos--but I must say, this looks GOOD!