Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lentil Patties

"Patty Cake!! Patty Cake!! Baker Man!"...or woman. I have found a great substitute for a burger. That is if you feel that you can substitute burger.

Lentils are great as a substitution for meat in just about anything you would use ground beef, turkey, pork. On occasion I have bought the frozen veggie patty and heated it up for hubby and upon grabbing a bite of them myself, I realized...uh no. I can't feed hubby this!! I would load up the condiments to hide the no taste of whatever non meat item was in this so called patty. It was then I decided to be on the quest for a great veggie burger. I found it within the first recipe I tried.

As you may have noticed...or may have not, I use a lot of recipes from allrecipes.com. I used to frequent this site prior to me looking at blogs. I love a site where I can read reviews and make changes as per someone's suggestion if I felt the need too. So, you guessed it, this recipe can be located on my favorite recipe website!

Now I alter the recipe a lot. I don't use the barley cereal but I add oatmeal. I have also left out the soup mix and chopped onions and added salt and pepper. Sometimes I add cheese, mushrooms, cajun seasoning etc...

This recipe is a hit all the time.

My mistakes...well I have done it too dry. I have undercooked the lentils before preventing them from not mashing enough and the patty falls apart. I have also overcooked them and made them too soft and the patty falls apart. I prefer a half mashed lentil mixture. Now if you over~mash or overcook them add less egg and/or milk. Also add some of the breadcrumbs to the mixture instead of just coating with them. You really have to play with this one.

Anyway, here are my lentil patties in a total veggie meal.


I have them on top of a spaghetti squash that I baked then sautéed with onions, red and green peppers and tomato and herb and garlic seasoning. In the background there is Sweet potato and sautéed Green Beans in garlic and soy sauce. Hubby likes a gravy sometimes with his meal so I made one consisting of chopped tomatoes, ketchup, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and Outerbridges' Sherry Peppers.

Sherry Pepper

Sherry Peppers is a sauce made in Bermuda. My mom brings up a bottle or two when she comes to visit. It adds a great flavor to stews and gravy's, alcoholic beverages and just about anything and everything. It is a Bermudian favorite. Especially in Fish Chowder. Oh I can't wait until I make me and hubby some Bermuda Fish Chowder! Add some Bermuda Black rum and some Outerbridges' Sherry Peppers and the night starts right!!

I am not getting paid for this ad. But maybe I should.

Try the lentil patties my way or yours and please tell me how you enjoyed them. I am always looking for ideas!

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