Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I attempted my very first basketweave. I am more into contemporary designs on cakes. I like the look of fondant. But I figure there will be times that I NEED to do the buttercream roses, piped stars and the oh so dreaded basketweave. I have NO skills in piping. But, gotta do it. So I am self teaching myself a few piping thingys. Started off with this number:~


Could have been better, a little tighter perhaps. If I had more patience then I think it would have been perfect...along with the fact that I had the wrong piping tip. Whatever. So I piped on despite the slackness :~


Despite issues (like the piping bag bursting on my cake during the writing of the Happy Birthday message...oh and a rose flipping upside down while applying...and running out of green buttercream which also happened to be melting and slooshing all over the place), I think I did a great job. Yes, I love piping my hand on my back..I mean patting. Someone has to do it.

I used my favorite Buttercream Recipe on Allrecipes.com. You can find it here. It is truly a great crusting recipe. Also read the suggestions...I sometimes substitute half the shortening for unsalted butter. Tip...always double recipes for frosting..you can never have enough!!

The cake is a Classic Butter Cake with a berry filling. I would cut it...but it is not mine to cut. Hopefully when the birthday girl cuts it I will be there to get a slice..I mean a picture. :) I will post the recipe on this cake soon. I promise :)

Anyway, I had fun doing this whether it resembles basketweave or not. I know my skills need improving so that is why I intend on studying a whole lot by making and decorating many many cakes!! It helped to know that someone I hold in high regards is not a piping queen herself. I actually got the tips from her website. Bakerella did an awesome Hello Kitty cake and demonstrated how to basketweave. It is a very good tutorial so take a look. But still, practice makes perfect..I even notice my roses are getting better!!


I must mention one more mishap. During the making of my favorite buttercream I was creaming the shortening and butter and proceeded to add the confectioner's sugar. I was yapping my mouth to hubby who was engrossed in Madden 09 on my son's PSP when I noticed that there was a extreme amount of cloudiness in my kitchen. This cloud was sugar coming from my Sunbeam Mixer!!! My lower arms were covered in the white snow! My kitchen was covered in it. My glasses, well everything!! I cursed my mixer. Although I love her I do need a new one. One that can handle the levels of baking that I do and that I intend to do. One like Susan is giving away on her blog. This Kitchenaid 90 Anniversary Edition would look so lovely on my countertop. I have been begging for one for the last 2 years. So my friends, enter now and follow the rules!! But I must tell you that my hand in is this pretty bowl too. So good luck to us and congrats to the lucky winner!! Awesome. Thanks Susan, honestly...that is a great gift!


  1. Looks great! I'm also slowly trying to teach myself cake decorating!

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  3. Hi Karin,
    I love this post about the trials and tribulations of basketweave! I have had the same troubles in the past. I must admit that I love cake decorating/piping with buttercream (I am old-fashioned this way!) and I love how honestly you've depicted your adventures with it.

    :) Jane

  4. I hated the basket weave! I can't find you on FB, email me mrs.babbsy@yahoo.com

  5. This looks stunning! amazing job :)