Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black and White Fondant Cake

Since I somewhat successfully stacked a 2 tier cake. I wanted to venture out and try a three tier cake. Daaa daa daa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  (That was supposed to appear as some sort of dramatic special effect people.)

My best friend asked me to do a cake for her birthday. She was having a party in "Opium", the private party room at a great restaurant in Atlanta called Straits. (Side note:~They have the best lollipop chicken known to man.) It is owned by the entertainer, Ludacris. You know him right? do.

I had no clue what I wanted to do. I was going to try a topsy turvy cake but said nah...wait. Then I wanted to do something funky like marble fondant.  Eh.  So I drew tons of pictures and decided on one out of my drawings. Well, this cake came out nothing like the one I drew. As I was decorating I didn't stop. I kept getting inspired. Thus, coming up with this...


This simple little cake( and it is little...bottom 8 inch layer, middle is 6 inch layer and top is 4 inch single cake) took me 5 hours to decorate!! My black fondant was starting to crack.  I guess from not kneading it enough or perhaps kneading it too much! Whatever the case, I redid it and applied. What the picture does not show is the pearl luster on the cake. The cake itself is a plain white cake with buttercream filling. Yep, I count buttercream as a filling too. This was my third fondant covered cake and my first 3 tier stack cake!! It really was a great little cake. It fit right in with the setting. See...I added the boa at the bottom surrounding the cake for dramatic effects. I love me some dramatic effects.



By the way. Mr Ludacris did stop by. :)


  1. Wow this cake is gorgeous!

  2. This is a simply stunning cake. I love the elegant look of the black and white, very sorta 40's hollywood glam. Beautiful!