Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fish Baked in Wine

I am so late posting this but I have been quite busy during the holiday season. We had Thanksgiving (yes, I said Thanksgiving) over our cousin Gina’s house this year. Everybody was required to bring a dish. My dish was chosen for me….fish. So it was wide open. I wasn’t sure whether I should fry some tilapia fillets or bake a salmon. I did neither.

I remember being over a friends house in Bermuda, before I ever even thought about cooking, and he was baking a whole fish. This would freak some people out. You know, seeing the fish tail and the eye…ewww…that eye! Didn’t freak me out though. I was intrigued by it. I watched him carefully.

I took what I learned by watching and decided to try it myself. His method of baking a whole fish was one that I did for years. Well, this isn’t it.

I wanted to do something different. Yes, I choose the opportunity when I had to present my fish dish to family and friends and some of whom I didn’t know to try “something different”.

I found this Fish Baked in Wine when I googled for baked fish recipes. Not rocket science right. Palachinka's BlogSpot had this great recipe and a good looking fish picture to go along with it. Shoot, if hers looked this good then I can give it a shot!

It is a very easy recipe. I followed it exactly but I chose to use 3 Pink Snappers. I will admit that I added some Old Bay Seasoning and some Paprika to give it some color and oomph.

I think she turned out nicely!


Ewwwwww…those eyes!! I had an uncle that actually used to suck the eyes out of fish head. Now that is ewwwwww.

The best thing about leftover fish head is making my hubby a fish soup. Take all the left overs on this plate and throw it in a soup pot and put some water and some vegetable broth. Also add seasonings of your choice and eventually the fish meat will break away from bone (I remove most of the bone when this happens) and you got a great fish head soup!!

Thanks Palachinka for the recipe. It was a great recipe enjoyed by all. There wasn’t any fish left! This is definitely a keeper.



  1. It looks FANTASTIC!

    Thank you for trying the recipe! ♥

  2. Awesome looking dish. I love snapper...I will have to try this. And I have to admit, growing up in Guyana, we use to suck on the fish eye too...:) Now I think about it, Im too stoosh to do that LOL...but I'm not grossed out about it.