Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Cake Weekend

Sometime in January I had booked a class with Christine of Not a Crumb Exquisite Cakes. I also had a dinner party to attend for my sister in law, Jennifer and her friend. It was a long night for me. I baked 2 8 inch rounds and 2 sheet cakes, both regular white cake to get ready for the weekend.

With Christine I wanted to learn to carve a cake. She gave me the option of doing a bottle or a purse. I took the purse. Carving a cake was more then just taking a knife and digging in. Oh my goodness, the precision is amazing. You have to be so careful and must have the right size knives to accomplish the task. A purse cake LOOKs easy…but it is technical because you have to get the sides just right. Decide whether you want your purse open or close…make sure it had that realistic bulge that a real purse would when you have it on a table.

Anyway, my class turned out great. My cake was done. We used a buttercream frosting and filling. My mixer gave me soooo much trouble when I was doing the buttercream so it was not the best again. Lesson learned…do buttercream in smaller amounts until I can afford that Kitchenaid Pro 600 :)

The accents were done in fondant. I used a Satin Ice blue and black fondant for the purse decorations and the straps and edges were done in White mixed with Chocolate Satin Ice fondant.



I can’t wait to do more purse cakes and be able to play with them more! Especially in Fondant.

My second cake was due the same day. As I finished the purse cake at 2 in the morning!! Since I had already baked the layers I just needed to score them and decorate. I didn’t have time to do something too elaborate but got something done I was very happy with.


I thought it was perfect for the restaurant. The ganache did make me nervous. I had to make sure I chilled the cake with the buttercream and had the ganache cool enough so that it wouldn’t turn the frosting into mush. Plus I couldn’t cool the ganache too much or it wouldn’t pour the way I would like. Total pretty cake with total great flavor!

I am learning that sometimes simplest is the best thing ever…


  1. Your purse cake looks fantastic!

  2. Karin, that is an amazing cake!

  3. I love them both..but the chocolate ganache one really makes me want a slice! Excellent work!

  4. Oh my gosh! You are soooo talented!! I love these cakes. I'm definitely adding you to my reader!

  5. These look great Karin! The chocolate ganache looks delish. Being the choco-holic that I am, I had to keep from licking my computer screen.

  6. Okay, you know what.....this is madness! Insanely beautiful!! What a gift!