Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harry Potter Cake!!

When I was asked to do a Harry Potter Cake for the sweetest 6 year old boy I know, I was excited!! I have been wanting to do a book cake for ages. Plus I wanted to do some gumpaste figures. I researched until my eyes turned blue. Well, I don't have blue eyes, but you get the point. It was truly a pleasure creating this cake. I started Harry a week prior to the cake being due because he needed drying time in stages. I can tell you that he changed his jacket during the process. Lost both arms and even got a hair cut. It was amazing watching him transform from a ball of gumpaste and tylose powder to an actual figure that seem so real….


I remember finishing this cake and thinking wow. I actually sat back and had a glass of wine because I was so thrilled that I did it. Oh, and I was praying that it didn’t collapse as I have heard some stacked book cakes can do if not doweled properly.

The bottom cake is vanilla cake torted and filled with vanilla buttercream and covered with vanilla Satin Ice Fondant. The top cake is chocolate cake torted and filled with chocolate buttercream. I used an oh so delicious chocolate flavored Satin Ice fondant. Yum. I painted added details such as an indentation in the spine and some scroll pattern to give the impress of old leather. I painted the pages with bronze and gold luster dust to give an aged appearance.

All other accents are a mixture of fondant and gumpaste. Even the sack was made to hold the jelly belly beans. Else for the owl…I had fun doing him…never done an owl before and was challenged believe it or not….


The birthday boy Andreas, hugged me when he saw the cake. It is so sweet when you have made the birthday boy happy! So worth it.