Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow Wow…3 more cakes!!

Seems I have been pretty busy in the month of February… And I LOVE IT!!

I had a few cake orders going on…and these are 3 of them…




I must say…I had way more fun making all these cakes then ever!!

The first cake was an honor to make because it had to travel 4 hours away! I was super impressed that someone talked about my cakes so much that they chose to order here and drive with it to another state!

The second cake was awesome! Darth Vader in his Volcanic Abyss! It was so weird to see this cake take shape. Darth is rice krispie treats in Satin Ice fondant. As you may or may not know black fondant is very matte. So when I finished this cake it looked good but needed to pop! I don’t own a steamer to gloss my cakes YET!! (operative word is yet) Instead I luster dusted him by hand (no air brush machine YET either!) I was so pleased at the results…

I have to post another picture of the DARTH..see ~


The 9 year old that this cake was for LOVED it. That makes me very happy!

Wow Wow Wubbzy was loads of fun too. I tried a technique that I had never done before. Chocolate transfer…or well using candy melts anyway. It was great...I do admit that I had to do it twice because Widget’s (the pink one) hand kept falling off. So I had to reinforce it with extra chocolate on the back when I did the second set. I also added in Birdie Bird at the last minute…adding a lollipop stick to him so he can free stand on the cake..In some of the transfers you can see the reinforced white chocolate behind it.


3 year old Ben and his pre-school mates loved the cake!!

So that is it for February.. I have a couple to do for let the excitement continue…


  1. Wow!! So glad Omar hipped me to your site! Those are amazing! Made me hungry just looking at them! I'm now following your blog, so I'll continue to salivate as you create!! Isn't it great to follow your bliss?!!!

  2. Orders?! That's awesome!!! I particularly love the Star Wars cake...and the Wow Wow Wubbzy...very impressive!

  3. Wow your cakes are amazing!! I feel like a copycat cause somebody else already said that. But I REALLY REALLY mean it. hehe