Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yipee!! My first Baby Shower Cake

I got a call and the first thing they asked was if I only did Children’s Cake! I so did not want to just have children’s cake in my portfolio. I wanted to show that I can do so much more!

I eagerly took on the request! The thing about this cake is that I had so many ideas. I didn’t know which one to take on! I wanted to do a quilting pattern on the side but I wanted to use a triple diamond quilter to do it and I don’t own one yet. I saw it on the Ultimate Cake off and thought how easier that is then measuring and trying to draw straight lines…

I wanted to do a rump cake…(don’t ask.) I wanted to do little babies. Oh the possibilities!! But I decided on booties. Partly because I didn’t know the mother to be and maybe the rump cake would have not been her style. So who doesn’t like baby booties? I still wanted to add a bit of hipness to it. I choose baby sneakers…and I added a touch of bling. I wanted to bling them out…but maybe another time. I wanted flowers too. But flowers I have never tried before! You know…every cake I challenge myself. That is the idea…I won’t grow if I don’t challenge myself.

During the process of molding shoes and making blankets and painting flowers I questioned myself because I had no solid plan. No drawing as I usually do when I make cakes. I was decorating blind. Well, I was blessed. My no plan cake was beautiful. So beautiful that I was jealous that I didn’t have one just like it at my baby shower!



I love these sneakers. I want to make more just because…

Okay…on to more cake…


My little bear. She had to go on the side because I decided to do her at the last minute...there wasn’t any room for her upfront. But I couldn’t “bear” to leave her off. Check out my border…used my new gumpaste tool kit to get that effect. Love it.

Also, I am hooked on dragees. I would dragee out a cake if I could. I have to resist though.. I decided to flush the dragees a bit on this cake to make it more elegant. I adore them…

Okay…more cake…


Carnations…. oh you can catch a glimpse of my little pregnant mommy image on the yellow banner…

Anyway…here is the cake…


My first baby shower cake! I really hope to do more!!

Oh the cake was three layers of 9 inch round white cake…filled with buttercream. Covered with Ivory Satin Ice fondant. Popular order I guess.

Okay people…more babies equal more cake. Lets get busy. (hee hee)


  1. WOWZERS! This is on some straight-outta-Cake-Wars type deal! How beautiful!! Okay, I'm off to think up a special event to hire you to do a care for :) By the way, do you do vegan/low-sugar cakes?

  2. I can do it...never have...but have looked into it!

  3. Karin,

    Love the cake...like all your other cake posts, it looks amazing!

  4. Awesome.....Everyone loved the cake. The mommy-to-be didn't want to cut the cake. She kept the shoes and the banner. Great job. I am going to spread the word.