Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eh…What’s so special about a Buggati anyway?

I guess this one is special because it is my son’s birthday cake. This was his request. It didn’t matter that I had never attempted to do a car cake before. It didn’t matter to him that I told him I don’t think I can do it. He simply responded “Yes, you can mommie.”

I didn’t get nervous about this cake because it was for my son. It wasn’t for someone else’s child. When I attempt to make something for the first time for someone else I dream about it… Seriously.

If this cake was for someone else, I probably would have done it over. And I am positive that everything I learned not to do with this one would have made the next one so much better.


As you can guess I am not too happy with my Buggati car. But…in my defense, it was my first car :). I have heard how difficult car cakes can be.

I could pout and mumble and say I will never never never do this again(which I did)…but I will do it again. Maybe next time I won’t do a car that is as detailed as a Buggati…maybe I will do a Honda, a Beetle or a Lightening McQueen car. Something a bit more simple so that I can get better in time. But really, am I simple like that? I always have to take it further…

Eh….What’s so special about a Buggati anyway? I have my answer…my son. He loved his Buggati in the dessert. “Mommie! Did you know that Little Wayne has a music video with a Buggati in the dessert? … and then breaks out in song, “I can transform you, I can transform you…!”

I learn something new everyday.


  1. I bet your son was still proud of you for at least trying, and to be honest this cake still looks great! I'm impressed to say the least! The main thing is that it all tastes good when it's all cut up.

  2. I think that cake still looks great and I bet it still tasted awesome!