Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mums for Mom.

Happy Mothers Day!!! I love love love Chrysanthemums. Hence the Chrysantheumum on the top of the cake of my logo. So when I received an order for a Mother’s Day cake I choose a Chrysantheumum to adorn the cake.

Doing a gumpaste Mum was very challenging…but I knew I wanted it to have a fantasy look as well. A bit abstract….

Every Mom is not perfect. Every mom is a bit abstract. We should be.


Imperfections and all…yet so beautiful.

I love this cake.


Happy Mothers Day.


  1. very pretty! Happy Mother's day!!

  2. What imperfections? That looks great? What kind of cake is it?

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Mrs G...basic white cake with strawberry buttercream filling. Covered with buttercream and chocolate ganache. The flower is gumpaste!