Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Cake night…

Two kids, one weekend, two cakes. Pokémon and Zhu Zhu pets were the theme of choice.

These were smaller cakes and I had to control myself not to overdue them. I had envisioned what I wanted but wasn’t quite sure how…

Pokémon was easy. Except that I planned on adding Ash, the trainer to the cake by doing a chocolate transfer. Well, I was out of black oil color to dye the chocolate and as you may, or may not know…you can’t use regular food coloring dye or the chocolate will seize. Despite this….I pushed on saying that I will figure out what to do when I cross that road. Then I decided to deviate from my normal routine of mixing the colors as I need them which allows the chocolate already laid to temper. I decided to premix my colors and have them laid out and ready…that lead to the discovery that piping bags don’t like the microwave…as now I have green dye on my feet…explosion central! Anyway, the tempered chocolate did not lay to well on Ash’s picture…and ended up looking like a mess and a million. Okay…not that bad but he didn’t need to go on the cake looking like that. My son was happy as he warned me not to put him on the cake in the first place.

Ash less Pokémon cake… for Daniel…whose favorite Pokémon is Snorlax. I think I like him too..

Happy Birthday Daniel..




and of course…. Stephanie… Happy Birthday!!!

Her choice…Zhu Zhu Pets.. Who knew a hamster can be a girls best friend!??!!


Jilly is the girly girl of the Zhu Zhu Pets. Apparently.

She love to dress up in her crown and veil… she has the softest pink fur and a little cherry symbol on her back.

I have learned a lot about the Zhu Zhu family. I was also quite pleased as to how this cake came out. Jilly was made from rice krispies…much like the poke ball in the Pokémon cake above. Jilly is resting on purple fondant, although it looks less purple in this picture…but she is also surrounded by edible pink and purple glitter.

I was thrilled I managed to push out a hamster cake perfect for a little girl.

Go Jilly!


  1. Wow! You are great at this!

  2. I would so ask you to make Jonathan's cakes if we lived in the same state. I love reading your posts, and seeing your new creations.