Friday, June 4, 2010

Autobots wear flowers too…


Here's the story,
Of a lovely lady,
Who was always wearing flowers in her hair.
Then one day,
she saw the movie Transformers,
and the Autobots were also her flair!

Angie love Autobots and flowers in her hair (as my make shift song above implies). It was her birthday. She asked me to make her a small cake. I don’t think she remembered that months ago she said she wanted an Autobot cake.

So, this I think, was a complete surprise to her. What made it even more surprising was the yellow gumpaste flower that I put on her Autobot. :)

It was great to see her face when she saw it. It was a basic 4 layer 6 inch round vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. It was covered with black fondant. The Autobot is gumpaste with nu-silver luster dust and accented with smoky amethyst luster dust.

For a relatively small easy cake…I did have an issue. MY HOUSE WAS HOT!! The air-condition was pushing as much as it could. I was about have a fondant melt down..

But that was it. Which is a big it…but I got through it.


Happy Birthday to the lovely lady Autobot, Angela.



  1. Its the most beautiful cake in all the land. Love at first sight!!!

  2. Just looked at your cakes, you are an artist! Beautiful and fun designs. Love the cake for your mother in law,
    Happy Cooking!