Sunday, August 29, 2010

Champagne cake and Ginger Ale money…

My mom always used to say something close to that. We would go shopping and I would pick out something that I loved and look at the price and die. And she would giggle and say “Champagne Taste and Ginger ale money!”

Gotta love her.

Anniversary cake I did last month proved more challenging to me that anything… Why? It had to go on a plane…and it wasn’t a non-stop flight! Oh the pressure…

I couldn’t do too much in decoration… but I didn’t want it too look to dull either. So I played it safe.


I kept it simple…so simple that even if I put the words Happy Anniversary on it it would have off set the whole cake. Don’t think I didn’t do the words… I did.. I placed them on the cake.. around the cake… nothing satisfied me. I was a nervous wreck with this one.


The flowers were crazy! I loved them. Chocolate rose with bronze luster dust to highlight. The fondant was ivory Satin Ice. I probably could have done the roses a bit smaller.. .but I just loved them!

It was humid in my house too. The fondant swirls kept falling as the edible glue would take extra long to stick them to the cake. My cake began to sweat as so did I. Now, I have the air-condition set to 50 when I do any cakes! Decorating in the summer heat is stress!! But all a learning process…

Okay, the cake.  Champagne Cake with Champagne Buttercream and Strawberry Buttercream to fill.

Oh… yeah….. Champagne, Chocolate and Strawberries…

Turn off the lights hon.. Let’s eat cake.


  1. Simply beautiful!! I LOVE the swirls (that's probably not the name) around the cake itself! YUMSTERS!!

  2. this is gorgeous! and sounds so yummy!

  3. oh yaeah and my daddy used to always say tome... champagne taste on a beer budget!!

  4. You are SO talented. I could get lost in your blog!! Talk about eye candy. ;)