Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oven Fried Fish

Oven Fried Fish-1

Not having a stove has forced me into trying something that is supposed to look or taste fried without being fried. I have always been curious about this non frying but baking technique but not enough to actually do it. I felt like fried fish, no stove. Beggars can’t be chooser. has a fish and chip recipe that is oven fried/baked/whatever. It is actually pretty good.

I marinated fillets of Whiting in a Kosher Steak Seasoning from Publix Grocery Store for 25 minutes. Love that stuff on burgers, steak and fish… you name it. It makes it all good!

I then followed the recipe as best as I could with what I had on hand. Instead of white cornmeal I had yellow and I had seasoned breadcrumbs only. Those changes only added to the great flavor. Within 10 minutes of oven baking/frying/whatever time, the fish was ready!

So check out the recipe here at Home-ec101.

Oven Fried Fish

Its a good recipe as I adapted it and I am sure it is great as written too. I now think I have converted to a rookie fried like baked in oven something or the other. Ohhh, what about using this recipe with boneless chicken!! Yea, The possibilities are endless!


  1. She's right it does look yummy and great jobs on adapting with what you had on hand