Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Force is totally with this.


Luka requested YODA for his birthday and Luka got Yoda for his birthday.

After a brief hiatus from cakes I had fun with this one. Total satisfaction.

YODA was 20 percent lemon cake. My new oven proved a little challenging with the shape of the bowl that I used for this one. I needed to use a carved bowl and I had my old oven temperament down to a “T”. This oven is a newbie… so despite using the same recipe as I did with Elmo’s Lemon cake… this oven said patooey. It tasted the same but had some settling that I didn’t like. However, YODA still over-ruled.  The rest of the cake was vanilla. In total YODA was 7 layers of cake goodness filled with buttercream.

HOWEVER, the hardest part of the cake was easy to me and the easy part was hard. Why for? Sooo not sure… but that is the world of cake. Unpredictable.

I was terrified of sculpting YODA’s face… and it was so easy… like I did it before… but hadn’t.


I was over confident in doing his cape and ears.  Well, they ended up being the hardest part.

Trying to drape the cape was difficult… and the ears well, lets say they tried to defy gravity more then once.

But, it came together. And despite some minor disasters… especially in travelling to get him to the lucky birthday boy’s party in the park… I was proud of him. Thank goodness for travelling with some  extra fondant and a rolling pin and some edible glue. With the crowd of children that surrounded me while I was repairing made me more nervous then YODA himself.

He was seriously so realistic that I felt I was on the set of Star Wars. It was eerily weird.

My children reacted the same way. One running the opposite way when he saw it…and the other screaming.

Luka thank you for choosing YODA… cool… totally dude.