Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lentils are good

stew recipe adapted from: Fresh paint Blogspot

Despite the fact that you all may not think so. But I do. I am a convert. As you can tell.. my blog loves lentils just as much as it likes cakes. I have Lentil Loaf and Lentil Patties you can find on this blog. I even Stuffed Zucchini with lovely lentils. Now here I am presenting Lentil Stew.

Lentil Stew is pretty much anything you throw together with Lentils and it takes a stew like appearance. There are no rules. Seriously. 1 2 3 and you are there. Lentil heaven.

For this one I had a cup of lentils and cut up some baby bella mushrooms (my fave) and chopped some onion. I seasoned it with Rosemary, Oregano, Basil (loads of basil…yum), a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and sea salt and black pepper. Oh I add a Maggie cube for some FLAVA opps I mean flavor.

I cooked these in the microwave! Gasp!! Yes I did… I just added 3 cups of water to the lentil mix in a Pyrex dish and heated them at 70 percent power for 30 minutes. I checked after that to see if the water had dried up (it didn’t, but if so add some more) then did another 20 minutes at 70 percent power.


There are soooo many variations for this stew just like any stew or soup. Stewed tomatoes can also be added for that extra pop. I would have added them but didn’t have any in the pantry.

Now go ahead and make you some of these here lentils… and throw them down with some healthy brown rice…

Yeah, I got to eat healthy every now and then. Have to offset the over consumption of the cakes.

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