Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strawberry Arbor Mist Cake


I wanted to try something different for Labor Day. I loved the Champagne Cake I did but I wanted something fruity too.

So I used Arbor Mist… Strawberry Flavor and substituted it for the milk in my yellow cake recipe and I used Strawberry Yogurt instead of sour cream.

My biggest error was using Almond Extract… not that anybody else that ate it cared… but I did. I am not a fan of Almond and too me it overpowered the strawberry.  But the cake was gone in 2 minutes… so I guess it was just me and my Almond extract disliking ways.

The cake was a beautiful pink inside… I forgot to get pictures of it when it was cut! We all know it is hard to get a great pink when making strawberry cake so I added a few drops of food coloring to make that pink pop.

I filled it with fresh strawberries… so pretty… thanks to the help of hubby who sliced them up for me!

I did a rustic decoration job with Buttercream. I LOVE RUSTIC CAKES!!! So bakery looking delicious!! I must do more ….

Again… so pretty… I had to share….


  1. Ya makin' me wanna have cake for breakfast! YUM!

  2. i am gonna have to try that! is your cake recipe available to share?

  3. I luv it because it is so simple yet you know there is something AWESOME inside. This would definitely be a dessert BEFORE dinner day.

  4. Rather than using almond extract next time try making your own almond milk. The almond milk will have a better taste as most extracts have waaay too much alcohol for my little taste-buds. :-)

    The cake does look wonderful though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks soooo much Chef Felisha! I will remember that tip!