Monday, November 15, 2010

Cakes! Cakes. More Cake?

not been bloggin… but been bakin. Haven't had much time to try new recipes… haven't had time to blog. But I must time manage better.  Sleep too…

Anyway, I had time for cakes :)

Lets get on to the pictures…


It’s Minnie! This party was awesome… every single detail was great… I attempted a buttercream creation but guess was humid as heck that day and it was September. hmmmmm… still too early to do a tier buttercream cake. As we delivered I watched my buttercream sweat. I was not impressed but regardless the cake still was cute and all her details made it work! Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse!?!


Hello Kitty was loads of fun… 11 year old Kamri loved it. I loved it too… and check out that buttercream… near flawless!! :) Much better day for Buttercream.. whooo hoooo….


How about these cute cupcake wrappers I found on  Awesomeness…


His life on a cake… Paul sold houses, been married 60 years, loved his cabin and was a pilot in WWII. Amazing. His family wanted all this to be represented on a cake… and boy… it was special…



It’s Halloween Time!! I baked cupcakes for my daughters class…. how fun…. LOVED THEM!!!


What a cute pumpkin… but the mummy was my favorite…



SLAM DUNK!!  This was a rush and I soooo wish I had more time to do it but I was okay with it! Red Velvet ball on Vanilla net.. oh yeah. The theme was basketball and it was held at an Athletic Club. Andrew’s mom did a great job with the decor… down to the gold stars on the table which matched the cake!! lol….


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