Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crockpot Barbeque


YUM. This island girl never shredded no pork. This island girl never had pulled pork. Apparently..it’s huge here in the south.

So, I decided to make some for me and the kids. Not for the hubby because, well, you know.. pork just isn't his thing.

Got a recipe from www.mealtimemakeover.com and it is very easy 3 ingredients. I bolded them below for your convenience.

Throw a 5 lb Boston butt in the Crockpot (first time I even heard of one of them). Pour 1 and half cup of Cola and an 18 ounces of your favorite BBQ sauce (in my case…whatever was on sale at Publix). Cook on high for 8 hours until pork is tender and meat shreds easily. Stir it occasionally to prevent the sauce from burning on the sides of the Crockpot!

This had my house smelling oh so yummy!

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  1. I have a similar recipe that my guys devour every time! Sometimes the simplest meals are the best!!