Monday, February 7, 2011

Paired Perfectly.

Nothing more satisfying then making someone happy with cake and then they surprise me with this.


Michelle sent me this the night of her Birthday Party for her 3 year old.  Supermom. The pictures are great.  Thank you!

She requested a small cake for her daughter and a surprise cake for her niece. The surprise cake design I drew didn’t translate to the cake because once I molded the flower I thought it deserved its own show.  I loved it. So Audrey Hepburn like. And the Princess crown cake was a pleasure because I got to adorn it with sparkly dust! How fun! And the cake totally matched the crown Michelle picked out for it.

I love that both these cakes went to the same party and represented two different age groups yet they paired so perfectly!

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  1. There is an entire group of people anxiously waiting for their little ones' next birthdays so they can order a cake from you. I've been asked several times "how do her cakes taste?" I had to tell the truth. Even better than they look! Karin, you are amazing.