Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunny Bait! Sure to catch you a bunny!

source : Sing for your Supper


So I spotted this bait over at Sing for your Supper and I absolutely had to make it for the kids tonight.

As I type they are enjoying it. They helped to make it too which made it all the more exciting!

I had candy melts here which I used as the binder for the popcorn and the pretzels and m&m’s. So good. This is the perfect treat for your salty and sweet craving!


So head over to Amy’s blog and check out the recipe!

Really, Amy… thank you for sharing this great find! This will be a traditional at my house for years to come!!


  1. So happy you and the kiddie enjoyed it! It's pretty addictive! Hope y'all have a happy Easter!

  2. Oops, meant to say "kiddos" and the phone autocorrected me!