Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cake Updates! Got to keep them coming!


Cake Updates

Who doesn’t love Coach? I know I do. So when asked to do a coach purse cake I jumped at the opportunity. She asked that I model the cake after her very own favorite purse. Also, that a picture of her daughter be added and something that represented she loves to work out.




I love the zipper!




This cake was fashioned to look Phenix’s pet. She has a Dwarf Rabbit. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! But with some pictures I was able to carve and paint this red velvet cake to look like her pet!



For an awesome Sweet 16 party at Le Fais Do Do, Atlanta. The colors requested were Purple and Gold. The design was all me!  It was the first time I made dragees. I needed them to be different sizes and I ran them threw some White Sparkle Luster dust. Beautiful. Also a first was using Isomalt to make the gems that are on the second tier. What fun are those!

This is one of the largest cakes I have made so far! This cake was heavy!! I had fun doing the ruffles too!




My best friend had her birthday party at an Ethiopian club.  The setting was perfect for this…




I love baby shower cakes! I had the awesome job of doing 3 recently!

Another purple beauty! A belly cake!!


with cupcakes too….




This one is from my phone.. oops… how I did a cake and totally forgot to take pictures with my digital point and shoot!??!!


Want to see the diapers?



I also had a request to do a past design. I put a spin on it.




Well… with summer coming I am going to take some time to test out new recipes. We shall see if they work for me. I am looking forward to it.. and I am sure my family is too.


  1. Seriously, Karin...you are all kindsa awesome! Know that you have a cheerleader over here, because Mama, you've got SKILLZZ!!

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