Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FINALLY! Hot Cross Buns!


Every year on Good Friday when I was growing up we always had Hot Cross Buns and in between them we stuffed Codfish cakes. I would smother ketchup on mine and enjoy. Couldn’t stop at one either. Two was always enough because they were filling… but your mouth wanted more.

Everybody made their buns different. And those who made buns were always mighty proud. We always bought our buns from the bakery! It wasn’t anything wrong with that because the bakery buns were good too!

Now that I have my own family and I bake, I wanted to make my own buns. Since my mother doesn’t make buns… but makes a great farine pie and other Bermuda goodies that will be featured on this blog soon.. I had to find a recipe that I was going to keep.

I mentioned on an oh so popular social networking website that I wanted to make some hot cross buns and a good friend of mine sent me a recipe.

This good friend, Juliana Swan… I used to work with at a hotel in Bermuda. She was like our mom of the front desk! Juliana mostly worked nights but when we would come on for first shift she had the front desk in tip tip order for “her girls". It was great when we had the odd occasion of working with her during the day if she had to fill in for someone. We would tell her our “problems” and she was always more then willing to offer advise.

Now years later Juliana has left me a tip top recipe for Hot Cross Buns. Just one more thing that I have to thank her for…

I feel honored that she shared and allowed me to share with you.


source: Juliana Swan

“Never Fail” Hot Cross Buns

Mix together:

3 cups of hot milk

1 1/2 cup butter Crisco sticks (I used regular Crisco), cut up in pieces

2 1/2 cups sugar (I used half brown sugar)

3 tsp salt


In 3/4 cup warm water add:

3 tsp sugar, then dissolve/stir in 3 yeast packages (4 preferred)

Let rise


Beat 4 eggs

Mix together in large bowl :

12 cups of flour (5 lbs)

1 box raisins or currants (optional)

2 tsp allspice (suggested pumpkin pie spice as substitution)

4 1/2 tsp cinnamon


Add all tree liquids to flour mixture and knead for 15 minutes in to a sticky ball.

Let rise in warm place for approximately 1 hour

Roll into small balls.

Make crosses with knife.

Let rise again.

Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes

::This makes 3 dozen buns::



Optional… Brush with melted butter and/or dust with icing sugar.  I made an icing sugar from and it complimented the Hot Cross Buns very well!


  1. Ok, when I read this, I thought you meant you slathered your HC Buns in ketchup! Lol. These look delicious and sweet. I bet they are great with coffee.

    Can't wait to meet you in May! Right? :)

  2. Yum! Your hot cross buns look great. I made some last year and they turned out awsome. I used a different recipe that used grapes and raisins.

  3. They looks delicious~ well worth the effort.

  4. Hey Karin,

    Have you ever tried this recipe using butter instead of Crisco? I'm planning to make buns this year and although I have a recipe that I've used before, I reckon the one you use must be pretty amazing also:)