Friday, August 26, 2011

Salmon in a can.

For a long time I only made lentil burgers. The reason is being new at whole “hubby is a pescatarian” thing I wasn’t comfortable or knowledgeable about making any other burger but beef or lentils.

Now with portabella burgers, chickpea burgers, and veggie burgers being very popular I decided to jump out of the lentil box.

I make a great Codfish Cake and enjoy it being placed in between a Hot Cross Bun never realizing that it is a version of a fish burger because the word “cake” is embedded in my brain.

So then comes the salmon burger. It sounded interesting enough because we love salmon. Salmon in a can not so much. But was I willing to try that? Okay, yeah….why not.  It is Friday and cooking in this house on a Friday night is a little bit unheard of. So canned salmon it is. Opening the canned salmon didn’t make me go running to the nearest pizza or Chinese restaurant…our usual boring first choices for a Friday night. It kept me interested enough to see what it would be like seasoned and fried. Frying has to make all things taste good. Right? And anything called burgers usually do.. like lentils. :)


Lemon makes things taste great too. Three things such as frying and lemon and fish… a recipe for tempting my tummy.  And it did. This Lemon Salmon Burger was every bit of yummy. The basil, parsley and onion addition helped the burger to pop and it really makes you forget you got the salmon out of a can.

I served the burgers with brown rice and sautéed spinach. A very healthy clean meal. But I am sure these burgers would taste just as good between a bun and slathered with sauce.

You can find the recipe here at and do try the sauce that is posted with the recipe. I did and it was perfect!


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