Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fifty and Fabulous! “Queen of Sole” Cake!



This cake was tons of work but so much fun. I didn’t think it would even look this way when I finished! I mean I knew the look I was going for but when I put all the elements together it was better then I thought!

It totally fit the theme of the party! The birthday girl loves shoes! Thus.. “Queen of Sole” was born.

This was my first gumpaste high heel shoe. Well, technically.. my second. The first one broke. Note to self: Give yourself at least a week drying time when you do sugar stilettos.

Okay.. the crown was a cinch. I did want to go into more detail but since I knew I was going to have a top pillow full of so much detail and pops of color I opted to tone it down a bit. I don’t think the overall cake misses it!



The only thing non edible on this cake is the jewels on the crown. I didn’t have enough time to make some isomalt jewels. But I think these look great! I wanted the crown to have an old world feel to it.. Viking like and powerful.

The flavors were vanilla cake with buttercream filling which was the top tier and the bottom tier was Cheesecake cake with Chocolate Cheesecake marbled throughout and it was filled with strawberry buttercream!


  1. Wow!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!! I love the detail work and the bright colours!

  2. Thats a work of awesome!

  3. Wow, Karin this is truly amazing! I really don't think the word amazing fully describes it either!! The shoe alone is fierce!