Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Buddy and Me :)

…I’d like to think so anyway.


I don’t usually gaa gaa or go goo gooo over celebs. There are only a few. And honestly Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss…wasn’t someone on top of my list to meet.  I do love his work and admire his drive and his passion… !

I now view him a whole different light.  Really… this is a man who is so genuine and sincere. This is a man whose drive is inspiring!! I didn’t even know his story until I won a chance to hear it directly out of his mouth….

Serious… I friggin won something else. How great has this year been too me!! I was blown away with the support of my husband and friends on facebook and twitter! I couldn’t believe that I won the TLC Cake Contest after only entering the night before. I couldn’t believe that so many people spread the link and so many people voted for my cake. That brought tears to my eyes. Even when I had thought I had lost the contest I felt as though I was a true winner…

The email I received from Amy of the Discovery Channel was a shocker. I was truly excited!! I won! I won!! Of course I had to take my mentor cakiest Christine of Not a Crumb! Exquisite Cakes because if not for her I wouldn’t have known what my hands are capable of doing. She opened my eyes to so much in the cake world and continues to do so! Plus… she is a pleasure to be around.

We packed up the car and headed to Tennessee. We certainly stood out at the Tennessee theatre! For …sure.. you could tell we were from Atlanta. We stood staring up at the theatre which reminded me of the Fox Theatre here in the ATL..a bit. The line was practically wrapped around the building. I guess that is what the line looks like outside his shop in Hoboken. Wow! This man is soooo admired!

And when I say admired.. .I mean people practically threw themselves off the balcony when he entered the theatre walking through the aisles! My goodness, I had never seen such a thing. Christine and I were in awe of the crowd.

He enters the stage and began shooting Carlos Bakery T-shirts in the air with some sort of shooter gadget. The people went full attack mode.. trying to grab a shirt. It was so unbelievable.

The show was hilarious. 2 plus hours of cake decorating contest…from moms decorating cupcakes, to dudes making roses from modeling chocolate and having to dance or as Buddy says “get freaky deaky”, to their wives across the stage. Whoever brought their piping bag skills on …and in the men's case.. their dance grove poppin.. basically was deemed the winner. He even had the kiddies on stage. It was hilarious hearing them throw their moms under the bus when Buddy would ask if mom was a good baker!

He also had a question and answer section of the show and he decorated a cake in like 2 minutes (minor exaggeration folks).. piping black scrolls on a three tiered cake. Ah-maze-ing. He proudly told us how his new cake factory will be delivering within the USA in December.

The most heartfelt part of the show was when he spoke of his dad… and how he and his mom came to the USA, of how he wanted to live the American Dream…and of course how he died… and how Buddy took over the bakery…devastated… but knew he must move on and take over and continue what he and his dad had in vision for the bakery.

Part of being a VIP ticket holder was the meet and greet at the end. Christine and I felt so unprepared as we had nothing for him to sign. Imagine our joy when his DJ Rusty, to us Buddy would sign our T-shirts… while they were still on us. Too funny…out of all the people I swear we were the only ones that had to strip a little (removing our layers of clothes to get to the undershirts)  for an autograph from Buddy. I was looking around for Lisa. I would totally run from her.. Yeah..seriously.. she doesn’t look like one to mess with!! Buddy cracked a few jokes about how he wears “wife beaters” as he signed the back of the one I had on. ::Pause for Blush:: ::Carry on::  He also congratulated me on winning the cake contest. ::Blush more::

What struck me the most… ? As Christine and I walked away..he called back to us… we turned.. he wished Christine the best of luck in her bakery. And he told us “God Bless.” He had my heart then.


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  1. I'm so jealous! I'm a huge fan of Buddy's (and Cake Boss). = ) Congrats on winning!