Thursday, January 12, 2012

How would you like your Tuna Steak?

Seared or burned?



I can’t tell what this is. But it tasted great! I have never had tuna steak. Nor have I had anything seared or even attempted to sear anything myself.

Today, tuna steaks were on special at the grocery store. I didn’t even know if  the hubsta ate tuna that was not in a can. I am pretty sure he appreciates anything that is not “canned” anyway. So the tuna came home with me.

Searching for a baked tuna steak recipe I came across a Marinade for tuna steak. This could be grilled but some people seared it.

Seared? Well, why the heck not? I was feeling adventurous. After all I had just baked 3 cakes, boiled sweet potato, steamed vegetables, baked chicken and cooked rice. I might as well end my exhausting day with an adventure.

I marinated the tuna steak and let it come to room temperature. I learned that watching a video I found online… gooo me :)

My mom had been hounding me to buy a cast iron skillet… and thank goodness after her hounding of 7 years we got one last week. This was perfect to test out my newbie searing skills.

I got the skillet hot hot hot. Well..that is what they said. I think I put too much oil on the bottom of the pan but nevertheless, it got hot. I placed 2 tuna steaks in the pan and let them sizzle. I had to walk away as I was tempted to touch them. But I had learned that I needed to leave them alone. That is hard… anything in a pan I immediately feel that I have to turn or mix or just mess with.

I watched the clock. 3 minutes? 4 minutes? 5? Oh dear… isn’t it supposed to be kind of pink in the middle? The hubsta will not eat pink fish unless its name is Salmon. Anything other then that is just plain old undercooked. So I watched it and the clock and hoped that I didn’t over cook it. Okay.. I couldn’t make it the entire 5 minutes on one side. I turned it at 3 or 4 or something…it doesn’t matter because I think I burned it. Crust… yeah.. black crust. Oh well.. blackened tuna steak is good. Right?

I let it sear (burn) on the other side for about 2 minutes. I didn’t see any pink line in the middle of the tuna steaks. I then removed. I was nervous but I took my fork and flaked it. It was no sign of pink. I over cooked it, over seared it…burned it. Well, hubsta would say it was cooked. But…is it hard… like burned hard..and rubbery? I tasted.. Well almost. But close. My mouth sang. Yes… score. I can say it again with confidence because it tasted great. No pink…a little black around the edges…but the taste was great. Seared or burned … this wife that bakes… loves it.

Recipe source for Marinade :

My one adjustment is not using soy sauce. I love Publix Steak marinade and substituted it for the soy :)

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