Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celebrate Valentines day with Coconut Candy Cakes.




I wanted something simple to make for valentines day. I thought of cheesecake brownies, I thought of strawberry pie… I even thought of well.. I thought of so much I lost track. My brain was filled with ideas that it began to hurt. So I kept it simple.

I grew up on coconut cakes in Bermuda yet I never made them myself. Just like glass candy.. well I tried to make those years ago and the outcome was not great.  So, back to the coconut cakes.. I love these.

I had the pleasure of having a similar candy that I bought from a Caribbean grocery store on Covington Highway in Georgia. They call them Coconut drops and they have a bit of ginger in them. So delish!

I enjoyed these too. I notice that they are softer then the Coconut drops I bought in the store and that was fine.. plus you only need 2 main ingredients. Coconut and Sugar.

I thought I would make mine pink.. you know.. in all Valentine Day style. Turned out that a tad drop of red food coloring went a long way and the color was fabulous.

The recipe is as easy as it seems…

Coconut Candy Cakes

My original source: Fellow Bermudian Rosely M. Joell

but techniques also adapted from: 



4 cups sugar

1 cup water

2 cups grated unsweetened coconut

2 teaspoons lemon extract



Prepare baking sheet with parchment paper.

Bring sugar and water to a boil in a heavy saucepan, stir occasionally until sugar dissolves.

Stir in coconut and continue boiling.

If you have a candy thermometer , boil until mixture reaches 234 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer drop a small bit of mixture in glass of ice water. If it holds together and is soft when you press, it is ready.

Remove from the heat source.

Quickly stir in extracts and coloring (if you desire to change the color).

Dump the entire mixture on the baking sheet and let them harden slightly and break them into individual candy cakes for wrapping and presentation.

These can last for up to a week if left in a airtight container . I can totally seeing these Coconut Candy Cakes in different colors at parties ! Lime green, yellow, blues and pinks and red all assembled on a platter! The color turns out beautiful as long as you don’t over boil your coconut.. that will turn it a golden brown color.. still delicious though. :)


  1. most ppl flavour the sugar water while its boiling with ginger.

    A fellow Bermudian

  2. fabulously photo shoot!
    Coconut Candy Cakes Looks Incredible.
    Thank You.