Monday, March 5, 2012

Icing Smiles, Inc.

I remember about a year ago I had heard of a non-profit organization, Icing Smiles, Inc. that provides cakes for sick children and/or their siblings.  I knew immediately I wanted to be involved.

At first I couldn’t find the representative in Georgia so I looked into becoming one myself… then as luck would have it I was researching cake and then as I was researching a cake technique I came across Sara’s blog Totally Sweet Cakes. She happened to be located right here in Georgia and I noted that she was volunteer for Icings Smiles. Unbelievable. I contacted her and she forwarded me the information to get started.

I was approved about a week after filling out my application. I was sooo ecstatic. You see… when you have been blessed such as I have then you should spread those blessings. I have been blessed to be able to decorate cakes and further blessed to have a Mentor, Christine of Not a Crumb to guide me (on top of that she has become a great friend). Plus I love to volunteer. So far since being in Georgia I have volunteered at Atlanta Food Bank Community both in the office and the food warehouse.. and I have also volunteered at Hosea Feed the Hungry.

Icing Smiles, Inc. was important to me because I WANTED to give back. I lost a child after birth at full term and watching her on life support for 12 hours changed me. No child should have to go through that .. I always say when my kids are sick that no kid should ever have to get sick. EVER. There should be an age limit on when you start getting sick. Crazy right??  Just my thoughts…

Anyway… Icing Smiles called me to action shortly after…and oh boy was I ready. Susan and Kayla were a joy to cake for. And a joy to meet. The whole family was beautiful. There are seriously no words to describe them. It was so good to have them as my first Icing Smiles, Inc. call to action cake. I don’t wish or need or shouldn't go into details…all you need to know is that they are why I love doing this.



Mehndi inspired stacked gift box cake with Peonies and Pearls. Kayla loves Pearls. Cake flavors with Pink Lemonade with Lemonade Buttercream and White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. Great flavor choices Kayla..

and the smile…


…so worth it. Love the picture of her and her brother in the back :)

Thanks Susan and Kayla! Thanks Icing Smiles, Inc… looking forward to the next one.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a recipient for Icing Smiles, Inc.. please check out the website at Icing

And if you don’t bake cakes you can totally donate to the cause on the website too :)