Monday, December 1, 2014

SPA PARTY for the 8 year old

Someone was excited to have a party :) - She only wanted girls.. so the perfect theme was a spa for her and her diva friends.

I tell you.. planning a party for a bunch of 8 year old girls is hard work.. but not as hard as actually having those 8 year old girls in your house to entertain. This age is tricky... they are not to kiddie and not to oldie.. not pre-teens.. not into things that 5 year old girls would be either.  So this party had to be quick and entertaining... I hired a Mobile Spa Party to come and set up the actual spa part. I didn't want to spend to much time and money on that I wanted someone else to entertain the girls. I only have one girl child.. I couldn't imagine entertaining 8 of them :)

The best part for me was planning the FOOD! I had lots of help with Pinterest and lots of fun setting everything up. I also enjoyed doing the cake.. of course. She requested a "blingy" cake but I wanted to still have it fit to the theme of the party.. so I did a gold confetti cake. I had wanted to practice making one of these for a while and it was the perfect opportunity to!

Anyway,  before I continue to ramble on - just take a look at the pictures and feel free to grab any and all of these ideas for your little ones spa party.

I would totally do this again.. in a heartbeat....after a few years break. :)

I love this shirt from POCKET BABY ~!  

Kya has ruffles in her bedroom.. so we carried the theme to set the dining table. I didn't do a separate dessert table as I wanted the girls to sit and enjoy and grab what they wanted while they ate.. and that they did...

Oh.. the cupcakes.. .welp.. first I put green icing on them, but the green was a tad too dark and it looked like Christmas trees. My child was not to excited about them and truthfully neither was I. I whipped up a fresh batch of Italian Meringue Buttercream to quickly resolve that issue.

Because I was leaving the chairs in place I wanted to decorate them. Hobby Lobby has awesome mesh ribbons and fabrics so you can get very creative.

The girl child wanted lemon berry fruit punch. No.. I did not make it from scratch.. I bought the drink and poured. Easy peasy.. work smarter not harder. And the girls loved it.

Ahhh - the cake. Listen.. a confetti cake takes a whole lotta confetti. And a whole lot of gold highlighter. I didn't even go thick on the gold highlight edible paint because I loved how the colors of the confetti shined through. I hand made the banner... and I don't like to sew.. .but this was easy. Thread.. fabric and ribbon and straws. BAM! You have a banner. I used adhesive stones to put her name on the banner and inside the straws are skewers so they would balance properly on the cake.

So.. I was going to make the marshmallows from scratch but I ran out of time (sewing that banner and redoing buttercream perhaps). I bought marshmallows and dampened them and me and the girl child rolled them in non-perils and sprinkles. Done. Those were eaten up quickly. 8 year old girls don't care if marshmallows are store bought or from scratch.

The cookies!! I don't do cookies although I would like to think I could... but I am so type A that the imperfections would annoy me and I would throw more cookies in the trash before I am satisfied with one. I happily ordered these from KJ Cookies  on and was extremely pleased. I can't wait to order from her again as they were delicious.

Thank you Pinterest.. Tuna and chicken salad "flip-flop" sandwiches. I used scallions and red pepper the make the straps. I had a flip flop cookie cutter to create the shape. I also did a yogurt and granola parfait.. as you can see in the left corner of the picture above. Easy and delicious.

Fruit kabobs... you can't tell too much but the girl child and I cut the melons into flower shapes. It helps to have so much fondant cutters to create such things.

The favor bags actually came from the Mobile Spa Party.. they included all sorts of goodies you would find at a spa.. headbands, nail polish etc...

The table for the girls to pick out there colors and tattoos and all sorts of stuff. They also created bottle top necklaces which I thought was a fun idea and an added favor for them to take home.

Thank Pinterest again for the photo booth backdrop. Layer three plastic tablecloths and shred them. Then take three strips and braid at the top. I added some gold fabric to give it some pop.

Things got a tad out of control... Prop take over.

Toast to the birthday girl after all is said and done...sparkly cider anyone?

My happy 8 year old. Oh the things we parents do to make them happy...which of course makes us VERY happy too.

Happy Birthday my Princess.

Next year we will just go to the movies :)

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