How sweet is my cake gallery?

Twins Baptism Cake

Red and Black shopping bag cake with Gumpaste shoe!

Wedding Cake perfect for a Bride and her Groom!

Hi Elmo!
IMG_8445 IMG_8449 

A Bearded dragon molded out of gumpaste sit on a chocolate mound of goodness!


When the birthday girl cut into this cake.. surprise.. she found a rainbow inside as well! Soooo much fun to make Dorothy and her gang!
IMG_8515  IMG_8536  
I love love love the petal theme on cakes! Baptism cake was done to match the dress!
For a supermom who deserved a super relaxing day.. I thought this was perfect for her… all handmade… and I loved every moment of it! Buttercream suds and all.
 IMG_8634  IMG_8636
Fun pin up themed party!

Its McQueen again! KA CHOW! IMG_8693  
For a girl who loves to dance in New York… a painted skyline and a martini…
Hello Kitty… gumpaste… this was fun too!
Special request to make the birthday cake a replica of the birthday girls favorite Juicy Couture Bag!

Love this buttercream fantasy flower ballet cake for a recital party! The cake was 9 inches tall! Cylinder cakes are becoming my favorite!

Luau party in South Carolina! This cakes had to travel and they made it!
Chevron Birthday cake for a caaauuute one year old!!
Live Love and Laugh chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache then chocolate fondant..oh..did I mention it was filled with Chocolate Whipped Ganache too! YUM!
Funky Fabulous… candy zebra theme cake for a spunky beautiful 13 year old!

This cake was fun! Rustic train cake. Strawberry cake, orange dreamsicle, Funfetti… The train cars are placed on foamcore boards covered in fondant to give the impression of them actually driving on the tracks. This cake was for the son of my friend who is a fantabulous photographer. Check out her website here and she also teaches photography classes! How cool is that?

White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling. Damask design and gold highlights. This cake was for a fabulous 60’s themed party at an Art Gallery Downtown Atlanta. Yuri Waddell is a fabulous event planner/designer and I discussed her before as she designed a Moroccan Styled Baby Shower event that I had the pleasure of caking for. The link for that cake is here! Just scroll down :) I love this picture she sent me of the cake!

Next up.. KA CHOW…
 IMG_8307   IMG_8314IMG_8309
Cookies and Cream Lightning McQueen!! This cake was sooo much fun to make!
Nigerian Eagles Soccer Ball Cake. The ball is actually Rice Krispie Treat because they didn’t need that much cake! This was very time consuming as each panel on the soccer ball had to be placed on individually. It gives it a more patterned and realistic look! I love the colors on this cake!
Hello Kitty in Whipped Cream Cheese! I LOVE HER!! The request was for no fondant and they wanted nerdy kitty :) I am a new fan..
Its Wyatt from Super Why! Orange Dreamsicle cake covered in fondant. Hair is Chocolate Buttercream!

Star Wars.. so popular these days :) The Death Star is actually Styrofoam ball covered in fondant and airbrushed with edible food dye. The air brushing was the best part. Duff actually makes some great inexpensive airbrush spray cans. They are good to use if you don’t have an airbrush.
Lastly.. not least.. my daughter, my husband and my mom’s cake.. So hard to make birthday cakes for the family… I find that I have to slip them in and I do quick cakes. But they love them and that is what matters most!
My daughter’s art party cake… threw this together 2 hours before her party!
My mom is a tea fanatic so I thought a teacup was fitting..  and I put this together in about an hour…
The hubsta is a Deejay… this was a 30 minute put together cake.. :( picture taken with my phone. 
You see my pattern here?? I must take more time out for family cakes. I must take more time out for family cakes… I must.. okay.. that is enough.. you get the point.

well me.
Red Velvet Grooms Cake! I saw the idea of this cake online and loved how it wasn’t the traditional tuxedo cake!

Vintage Pink and white Bible Cake for a Baptism. White Almond cake with Buttercream. Very fun to make!

GT Smash Cake and Cupcakes for a first birthday girl! Vanilla flavored! How pretty. Mom supplied me with the picture as I forgot to take one! Glad she did… love it!
Another vanilla Smash cake… this one is race car themed.  It was done for Michelle over at Cook au Vin. She had a wonderful party for her little one. The picture was supplied by her as well…
Yes.. the Florida Seminoles. Chocolate goodness with Buttercream as requested.  This was my first football field cake. I tried to make it so it wouldn’t look too bakery like… so I wanted the logo to be hand cut. It took some time but I loved the results! Goooo Seminoles!
  IMG_7310 IMG_7312 
Dora cake was fun! So much fun! I wanted it to be bright and cheery and so it was! The little birthday girl requested Strawberry cake! I wish I had a picture of it cut and it must have been even prettier! I made Dora and friends out of gumpaste and fondant mixed. Dora was a little challenging but I was happy with her… I don’t know which is my favorite.. her, backpack…the map? Or even the dancing stars..or the vivid flowers…and the butterfly.. don’t forget the butterfly. I want to make another one of these cakes. Very fun!

Can I just say that being busy must suit me. Because man oh man.. I did 4 cakes this past weekend and 5 cakes the weekend before that!!! I can’t believe I pulled it off! Well, yes I can… but I needed to test myself. Not so sure if I will do that again though! My body took some time to recover! If I ever have that many request I will definitely be getting some help in this kitchen!
Here are a few of them…
toy story
The bottom tier of this Toy Story Cake was Cookies and Cream, which was the most requested. The top tier was funfetti! This design was requested by client and was inspired by Michelle Sweet Cakes.

Hand painted Louis Vutton Wallet Cake… with edible cards and money! Great fun making this one!

This vintage Suitcase Cake was also Cookies and Cream. The top was Styrofoam covered and decorated with fondant. The lid actually opened and yes.. some spillage of clothing was on the side. OPPS! :)


Hollywood Star baby shower cake was a request from the client! This cake was blue velvet inside! The request was for it to be “over the top!” I added some non edible jewels and gold highlight edible paint to complete the look!
And this has to be one of my favs. I love the gumpaste baby camel! The baby shower theme was Moroccan and they requested a camel to be on top of the pillow cakes. The bottom was carrot cake and the top was vanilla. this cake was too cute especially when it was placed with the beautiful decorations of the baby shower.
By the way, the decorations where so awesome I couldn’t stop talking about them. I met the event planner Yuri Waddell of The Plan Designers and I would recommend her to any and everybody. Very pleasant and her decor was top notch. You can see her blog at Randomly Creative.
Once I get the other pictures in of the other cakes I did I will share! Promise.  I also have a cake recipe to share soon too!

You have had to have heard of the popular kids show on Nick Jr. called Umizoomi right? The song is so catchy I find myself singing it all the time. Then when my kids hear me they sing right along with me. The show is cute so I was really excited to have the opportunity to make an Umizoomi cake for a friends daughter.  I also took the opportunity to make a cupcake cake. Since I had an easy low caking summer I was ready to start carving. I go through withdrawals when I haven’t carved a cake. Something so satisfying about slicing food into a shape of something. Well.. I don’t like the cupcake pans so I knew I had to attempt this freestyle.. as I normally do with any of my carved cakes. The ridge around the top of the cupcake is actually cake I carved away.  I mixed it with some buttercream and made a log then wrapped it around the top. Next time I want it to be a bit more defined. But it was good to use cake shavings for it instead of a log of fondant.
I was happy with the results but I know where I could have done better. So I do hope to do another one. The same goes for the gumpaste characters of Millie and Rio. I wasn’t 100 percent happy. But I could really use some practice with gumpaste characters so the more chances I get I will take them on full strong.
IMG_6831 IMG_6832 IMG_6834 IMG_6837

I have noticed that baby shower cakes are coming in faster then I can count the fingers on one hand.
Well.. okay.. I don’t get too many request for cakes but it does seem as if lately everybody is having a baby. I guess the recession had couples cutting back on date night at the movie theatres.
I am so not complaining because for a long time I was wishing I did more baby shower cakes.  They are just too cute!
Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs..I put this together for a mommy to be. The fondant ribbon was to match the invite. I used the cake tin to make the lid of the box by turning it upside down and placing a cake board the same size as the pan on it. I then laid and shaped the gumpaste like a lid on it and left it to dry for a day. The next day removed it from the cake tin and let it dry for 2 more days. To be sure that my cake dowels that I place in the cake to hold up the lid were not going to pop through the top, I left the cake board under the lid.
The tissue was fun to make as well…the blocks were well.. interesting. However, I am happy with how my first gift box turned out and plan on doing more! Very fun and easy!!
….and I love shabby teddy… you will see him again… loved making him.
This one was all cake including the bassinet. I didn’t plan on doing the bassinet in cake too.  I was going to mold it from rice krispie treats.  But I had extra so I figured it always good to have more cake :).
That is pretty much it for the summer. I had my godson visiting for 4 weeks so I kept my calendar clear and also I wanted to spend more time with my kids. Fall is soon upon us and I have some exciting cakes on the horizon still keeping a great pace.
Quality over quantity.. it took me a while to learn that one.


  1. these are great....i need on for my niece in your area.

  2. I love when you update this page :) Your cakes are seriously amazing! The cakes that are replicas of purses look so real. If I saw that sitting on the table I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know it was a cake!

  3. I need to send you new pictures of Evie's tiara cake. Those two cakes you made were perfect and delicious!