Just a little about me.

As hard as an adjustment it was to move from my lovely home of Bermuda to the United States 10 years ago, I found solice in the kitchen and more solice in playing with fondant. I actually enjoyed decorating cakes and there is nothing like seeing the look on peoples face when they see their cake. However, in doing it for 5 years I evolved a tad away from baking and decorating cakes. I still love it.. but due to health reasons and wanting to spend more time with my  beautiful family I decided to take a break.

Now i spend more time cooking and studying up on Paleolithic lifestyle. Yes.. Paleo. This cakiest is still a cakiest but evolving into a whole other aspect of how we eat. While I study and play in the kitchen please feel free to read through my journey. My journey of evolving... from flour... to nuts. From cream to coconut.

How exciting.... 

Please enjoy the musings and recipes I find and share and let them inspire you to find solice in your kitchen.